Eagle Editor

This download is no longer available. This could be due to the program being discontinued, having a security issue or for some other reason.

Design printed circuit boards (PCBs) with 3 modules

Eagle Layout Editor is a software program that designs printed circuit boards (PCBs). This application consists of three main modules: Layout Editor, Schematic Editor and Autorouter.

Because they are all embedded on a single user interface, there is no need for converting net-lists between schematics and layouts. Key features of Eagle Layout Editor include online forward and backward annotations, context sensitive help functions, multiple windows and an integrated text editor.

With the Layout Editor Module, you can cut and paste to copy entire sections of a drawing and create your own parts with the fully integrated library editor.

Schematic Editor displays up to 999 sheets on one schematic and electrical rule check. The third module, Autorouter is a rip-up and retry router for up to 16 signal layers.

Eagle Layout Editor is a three in one software program that is a useful tool for circuit boards designers who don’t want to waste time while working on different software applications.

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  • syedasad97592814

    by syedasad97592814


    I Watch its tutorial an outstanding app, but hoe would i download it ?. More.

    reviewed on April 17, 2015